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New '01 - '05, 6 speed Miata Shifter Full Maintenance Kit

New Miata '01 - '05, 6 speed Shifter Full Maintenance Kit. One of the Miata's most common problems are a sloppy shifter. Replacing the Nylon shifter bushing(s) will make a world of difference in your shifting pleasure. When your shifter needs bushings, it usually needs all new boots also and it's best to replace all the other shifter parts while you have everything apart. The shifter boot insulator seals off the drivers compartment from dirt, noise and moisture. The trans seal seals out the transmission shifter turret from dirt and moisture and the nylon shifter bushing(s) is the item that causes the sloppy shifting issues. You will love the difference after you install these parts.

Kits are designed to fit All '01 - '05 Miata, 6 speed Shifters. Mazda changed the design of the 6-speed transmission somewhere in between the 2001 and 2002 model years. So if you have a 2001-2002 6-speed, please check your VIN before ordering your shifter rebuild kit. If the last six digits of your VIN are below 220738, then you have the "small" ball shifter. If the last six digits of your VIN are above 220739, you have the "large" ball shifter.

Our FULL Maintenance Rebuild Kit includes:

Mazda wave washers and (2) nylon change bushings
Nylon shifter bushing (choose small or Large ball bushing)
Lower Mazda shift boot from 06+ MX-5 (is superior and fits all Miata's)
Upper Mazda Shift Boot insulator

Black bushing and tab'd wavy washer goes into the trans and white bushing with wave washer goes on the shifter

Our kit has an option to upgrade to a Racing Bronze Shifter Bushing for that firmer feel shift.

Please see generic assembly instructions below.
Pricing: $97.30

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Treasure Coast Miata Shifter Rebuild Kit installation

Remove the screws holding the center console in place and remove console from he car.

After you unscrew the four bolts holding down the large boot, you will probably have to pry it up. Remove it completely to better expose the three bolts holding down the small boot below.
Remove those bolts and carefully lift out the shift lever and everything attached to it.

Here's what it looks like, with torn up bits of rubber, grime, and old yellowed plastics:

Here's what the shift turret looked like, with a worn plastic bushing and some very dirty fluid, plus more grime:

Some may not have any fluid at all!
Remove the Lower change bushing P/N Y601-17-492 (The black one). You will need to press the pin back out of the way (do not need to remove) to access the lower change bushing. Use vise grip to push pin, using a socket at the back end helps.

Separate all the loose parts from your shift lever, it should look like this:

The "permanent rubber ring" is at about the midpoint of the lever. That is left alone. Wipe down the lever and clean off all grime, grease, etc. You can now follow the steps to rebuild the stick portion.

Set out the parts in physical order (bottom to top) as the go in the car when everything is back together. Here is a diagram of that, showing the new parts and which old bits they will be replacing Note we no longer include the shim as it has proven unnecessary):

After rebuilding, this is what your rebuilt shift lever should look like:

Back to the turret, a kitchen baster works great for sucking old fluid out and depositing it into a container:

After wiping it out as best you can, replace the fluid. We use Redline gear oil available on the web site.

Here's the turret with new fluid and the larger bushing installed with wavy washer beneath. Note the shim installation is optional. It is a trial and error process of determining its need.

All the parts on the lever just push into place, they may require some lube and pressure to install. Reassemble the lever.
After the small boot with three bolts is tightened down, you install the large boot.

Use some lubricant to help it slide down. But don't slide it all the way past the end of the wide part of the lever. This part seems missing from many instructions. Just slide it down toward the bottom. There is a bit of lip there to keep it from going to far, but you CAN push it too far and it's a pain to pull it back up.

Here's what you should see when you are done:

Remember to replace the insulation parts before you put the console back in!


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