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1990 - 2005 Miata 5X Racing Grip Plate Floorpan

The 5XR Grip Plate is a specially designed floorpan that is specially designed for a Mazda Miata (will fit other cars with similar dimensions)
What does it do?

The 5XR Grip Plate is a flat, uniform surface that evens out the wacky floorpan in your non-carpeted Mazda Miata track car
What is it made of?

The 5XR Grip Plate is is made out of .040 lightweight aluminum covered with a top secret non-abrasive grip surface
Does it have skateboard grip tape?

NO! It is our top secret non-abrasive grip material
Will it eat up my race shoes?

NO WAY! The grip surface is not abrasive and will not wear out your shoes but will grip just as good as skateboard grip tape
How do I install it?

The 5XR Grip Plate is installed using 4 self tapping metal screws. Just drill it into your bare floorboard and your ready to go!
Need more info or proof? Read on...

The 5XR Grip Plate has been in use in our race cars for over 3 years and has became something that we now cannot race without. It is also something that is overlooked as far as race parts go, as most of us have learned to deal with the uneven footwell floorpans in our racecars. With the 5XR Grip Plate you will instantly see the benefits the first time you hop in the car, literally!

Features and Benefits

Spec Miata designed, tested, and proven
Easily installs in the footwell of non-carpeted Mazda Miata's with 4 screws
Ensures a smooth, consistent grip surface from underneath the pedals all the way back to the seat (on most race seats)
Non abrasive, high tech material that will grip in all conditions, dry or wet
Feel more confident when operating pedals, your heels will stay planted and will not slip unless you want them to. The surface is controllable, slide your feet or make them stick!
Eases entry and exit of a race car with a roll cage, you can now place the weight of your feet on the Grip Plate and not worry about slipping on the slick floorpan getting into your car, especially when you have wet shoes (early morning wet grass in the paddock)
Shields heat from underneath the floorpan
Universal fit, will work in any car that has a 14"x 19" floorpan
Pre-drilled and includes installation hardware
Quick, easy intallation
Not Available
Availability: unavailable as of 4/8/2022, please inquire.
Pricing: $65.50


Shipping Information

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  • 1.0 lbs.
  • W10.0000” x H1.0000” x L18.0000”