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5X Racing 1990-1997 Mazda Miata Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator - no core required

What we are offering here is a factory, OEM Mazda fuel pressure regulator modified to be made adjustable by adding 5X Racing's custom fabricated mechanism. No core required, we totally transform one of our regulators into a trick adjustable factory quality regulator.

Why is this better than the other adjustable fuel pressure regulator kits out there?
The 5X kit is better because it utilizes the factory fuel pressure regulator, which is a practically flawless part to begin with. We've never had or heard of a problem with one for the 5+ years we've been racing Miatas. Also, the kit does not have anything to do with modifying or altering the path of your fuel lines. It doesn't require cutting into your fuel lines, which causes potential for leaks and fire. It uses the factory vacuum line, which keeps the pressure consistent, something that you will not get with a universal adjustable fuel pressure regulator. Universal fuel pressure regulators dip and spike with different engine loads and rpm spikes (missed shifts), ours stays consistent just as your factory regulator would. We didn't take the easy way out with this and use a universal adjustable fuel pressure regulator, a lot of thought and development went into this part and have been track testing it since late 2010 down here in Florida with no failures and successful results.

What will it do for my Miata?
The 5X Racing fuel pressure regulator will allow you to adjust your fuel pressure at your fuel rail by simply turning an adjustment screw, which in turn alters your air/fuel ratio by increasing or decreasing the fuel pressure to your engine. Adjusting your fuel pressure lower or higher will lean or richen your air/fuel ratio, which is essential for tuning your Miata's engine for maximum horsepower, especially in stock based classes like Spec Miata where modifications are extremely limited. For example: dialing in more fuel equals a richer mixture of air and fuel, which will benefit low rpm torque and horsepower for tracks that are tight and have low speed corners. Dialing in less fuel will lean your mixture of air and fuel, which will benefit high rpm horsepower for tracks that are 3rd gear through 5th gear tracks and do not have tight turns. So, in essence, our product will allow you to adjust your fuel pressure freely, which in turn adjusts your air/fuel ratio for different tracks based on your need of more horsepower or more torque.

What will I need to use this regulator on my car?
Using the regulator is as easy as removing the factory regulator on your car, sending it to us, then reinstalling it back on your car (or by simply purchasing one of our "ready to race" regulators). It is the factory regulator, so there is no worry about the fit and finish. When you install your new regulator, simply follow your cars repair manual for "fuel pressure regulator removal/installation". We suggest setting your fuel pressure to the factory setting range of 32-38 psi at idle, then tune from there. To properly tune, You MUST have a fuel pressure gauge either installed full time inline with your fuel line, or an external attachable gauge to dial in your specified fuel pressure while idling in the shop. Of course we would suggest adding on the 5X Racing Inline Fuel Gauge Kit by choosing it from the drop down list above. And, we HIGHLY suggest picking up an air/fuel ratio gauge, such as the Innovate Motorsports LC-1 kit we sell here at Treasure Coast Miata to be able to accurately monitor and dial in your fuel ratio. If you don't have a fuel pressure gauge, or air/fuel ratio gauge, or are dyno tuning frequently then the regulator is practically useless to your tuning needs.

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