Treasure Coast Miata is happy to announce that a new Street Version "kit" is available for the NA/NB Light Weight Hard Tops. This kit includes all the parts you need to convert our Light Weight Race Hard Top to street use. It costs $195 + shipping. Included is; Cut to fit LEXAN rear window with paint border trim stenciled in Rear window seals Rear window trim Rear window Stainless Steel mounting hardware Rear deck seal Rear deck trim Front windshield top mounting brackets (the top will not accept OEM brackets) "B" pillar top mounting turnbuckles Here is the link to our Web site page; The optional used side window seals, mounting brackets and screws can be found here; If you have your own donor top you can save and use the side window seals from your old top. PLEASE WATCH! The installation video can be found here; Please remember This is a light weight RACE top and not an OEM substitute. It seals well but the material is much thinner and does not use latches to mount to the car.