The Treasure Coast Miata Racing Team had a great weekend at Homestead International Speedway collecting 6 out of a possible 8 podium spots! Wes Saunders in the #18 got the pole for the 1st SARRC race. Jerry Rothgeb switched the the $28 rental and had to start from the back. Wes battled all race long with the 2 BSI drivers, Chip VanVurst and Selin Rolin. Wes had to settle for third with Jerry coming through the very strong pack for fourth! In The 1st ECR Enduro qualifying, Andrew Leister jumped in the #18 and qualified 3rd with Jerry in 4th. During the 1st half of the race the two got seperated and could not work together to move up the field. Both pitted together and Wes got in the #18. Now Wes and Jerry were able to work together, bump drafting most of the two mile course for the next 45 minutes. The teamwork worked to their advantage with the two cars working through the leaders to 1st and second place. For the last two laps however it was every man for himself. Wes pulled off a sling shot move comeing out of turn 4 and held Jerry off for the last lap to take the win. Jerry finished a well deserved 2nd just inches behind. In the 2nd SARRC race, bump drafting got Jerry a 2nd starting position and Wes a 3rd. The two could not work together as much as they would have liked and had to settle for 4th and 5th. In the 2nd Enduro utilizing the additional road course layout which Andrew had never seen before resulted in a 4th & 5th place starting position. Andrew made the call of the race, pitting shortly after a car had spun and stalled in a dangerous area near the track surface. With Wes and Jerry in the cars during the pit stop the double caution came out. This put Wes and Jerry in the lead, the only two cars on the lead lap as they left the pits. Not having to worry about the competition Wes and Jerry battled the last 45 laps switching the lead frequently and pushing each other as hard as they could. In the end Wes did not have enough to get back by Jerry. A pit infraction however gave the Overall and Spec Miata win to Wes with Jerry comeing in 3rd.