Since Andrew's completion of his Mazdaspeed Miata (MSM) project, He has ben scouring the net for cool little upgrades and mods to maximize his MSM's potential.

Most, well, all of you MSM guys know of the MSM's bad hesitation around 4-5k rpm. Well the reason is that is where the MSM goes from "Closed Loop" to "Open Loop" operation. 


Its not very well known why mazda did this, Most think its emisions or MPG related, But its annoying. If you Look on the forums most people are un plugging there TPS (Throttle Postion Sensor) which forces the car in open loop where it runs a fixed map. This eliminates the hesitation! Sounds awesome right? Well only issue is when cruising the AFR (air fuel ratio) is not optimal when cruising.

So we decided to wire a switch to the TPS so we can turn it on and off as we please! 

Works great so far!

Keep an eye out for a writeup soon!