Treasure Coast Miata is happy to announce that a windshield washer maintenance kit for NB Miata's has been added to the web site.

SKU: 23790660

Many NB ('99 - '05) owners suffer with windshield washer fittings that are dry and crumbled. If your looking to get your Miata washer system plumbing back into original Mazda condition, then here's your solution. This kit utilizes all OEM Mazda fittings to refreshes all of the under hood plumbing - the hose, plastic fittings, valve, rubber elbows, and plastic hose clips. The kit includes 2 upgraded Fluidic washer nozzles (read more about these in the extended description below). It doesn't include the pump, or the tank. This kit fits only non-ABS cars. Don't settle for kits that use just generic fittings.....

Available for Miata's with ABS and with out. Links below;