Treasure Coast Miata is happy to announce the addition of a timing cover gasket kit to it's web site For only $57.60!

Details below;

Usually replaced when doing a timing belt/water pump replacement. Get rid of those oil soaked, swollen ineffective timing cover gaskets. This new OEM Mazda Timing Cover Gasket Kit for '90-'05 Mazda Miatas is just the ticket. This kit includes:
-Upper Timing Cover Gasket (Right) B61P-10-514
-Upper Timing Cover Gasket(Left) B61P-10-512
-Upper Timing Cover Gasket(Center) B61P-10-513
-Timing Plate Gasket B61P-10-544
-Middle Timing Cover Gasket B660-10-522
-Lower Timing Cover Gasket B660-10-502B