Have a broken window regulator? The most common issue we see with these regulators besides old and frayed cables is a broken retainer on top side of the regulator assembly. This piece being broken puts extra stress on the rest of the components, usually causing the cables to bind or snap. From our extensive research pulling these cars apart we have noticed that the motors on these regulators stay perfectly usable, and are not a common point of failure on the regulator. Our solution? We take a brand new regulator and cable assembly from Mazda, and rebuild the entire unit with a good working used motor. Due to such high demand, we have run out of cores for these motors so we require your motors to complete the rebuild process. (Please note, sometimes we do have used motors in inventory for rebuilds, but please call/email with us to see if we have any in stock) https://treasurecoastmiata.com/i-23790204-90-05-power-window-regulator-rebuild-service.html