With the holidays coming up many of us may have a couple of days off and may be thinking of some miata maintenance. One of the most common items is the timing belt and water pump kit. We use ONLY Gates and Mazda components which we have found to be the most reliable brands out there. No one wants to do this job twice....

Pricing is;

'90 - '93 $167
'94 - '00 $172
'01 - '05 $175

FULL Kit fits 1994-2000 Miata with Power Steering and Air Conditioning and includes:
•1 - Gates 94-00 Mazda MX-5 Miata Micro-V Belt for A/C and P/S
•1 - Gates 94-00 Mazda MX-5 Miata Micro-V Belt for W/P and ALT
•1 - Gates 94-00 Mazda Miata 1.6/1.8L Stock Replacement Timing Belt Component Kit (includes timing belt, tensioner pulleys and replacement spring)
•2 - OEM 90-00 Miata Cam Seals (2 required and included)
•1 - OEM 90-00 Miata Front Crankshaft Main Seal
•1 - Gates 94-00 Mazda Miata Water Pump Kit (2 Water Pump Gaskets, and Water Pipe O-Ring included within Water Pump Kit)

OEM Valve Cover Gaskets and Cam Angle Sensor O-rings are an add on option if you haven't replaced yours recently. Additional options are air & fuel Filter and the Gates Racing Belt.

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