Treasure Coast Miata Racing Team

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Awards & Championships

  • 2006 NERRC SSM Enduro Champion
  • 2009 Florida Endurance Series 2nd place
  • 2010 results 3rd in ITA in the FL region and, 9th in SARRC points
  • 2011 points; 1st in SM for FL region and 8th for SARRC
  • 2012 points;  2nd in SM for FL region and 2nd in FL Enduro series

New for 2012

Treasure Coast Miata is now building 3 cars, a '99 spec Miata rental, a '95 Spec Miata for Vic Klassen and a new '95 Chump Car!

The Team's focus will be on the 2012 Florida Region SM championship and Enduro Championship.

Treasure Coast Racing Team Schedule

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