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Innovate Motorsports MTX-L Plus Wideband Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge

Innovate Motorsports makes the best air/fuel ratio measuring products out there, and they've proved themselves worthy on our Spec Miata race cars for over 5 years. We've used several Innovate products in our cars throughout the years, and this MTX-L Plus gauge is perfect for Spec Miata and budget race cars because it is affordable, easy to hook up, and looks good! Take a look at the specs of this kit and pick one up to go along with your new 5X Racing Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator!

The new Innovate Motorsports Digital MTX Series Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge utilizes the only 100% digital Wideband air/fuel ratio technology on the market! The award-winning patented DirectDigital technology we use is faster and more accurate than common “UEGO” gauges and is now more affordable! In addition, the gauge features a water resistant casing, interchangeable faceplates and bezels, and 2 fully programmable linear analog outputs for use with aftermarket engine managements systems and dataloggers!

Key Features:

The only 100% digital wideband air/fuel ratio technology!
Water Resistant 52mm (2 1/16”) round dash-mountable casing is perfect for automotive, powersports, marine, and demanding racing applications
Built-in Direct Digital Wideband Controller reduces wiring and simplifies installation (No LC-1 required)
Wideband O2 Sensor is compatible with all fuel types (Leaded, Unleaded, Diesel, Methanol, E85, etc)
Ability to calibrate O2 sensor for increased accuracy
(2) 0-5v fully programmable linear analog outputs for use with engine management systems “closed-loop” and external dataloggers
Interchangeable faceplates and bezels: Black and silver bezel, black and white faceplates included
Large digital readout and programmable “Digital Needle” provides the functionality of a needle style gauge with the pinpoint accuracy of a digital display
Datalog using LogWorks on your PC to see how your vehicle performed out on the track or on the dyno
MTX-L: Complete All-In-One Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge Kit Includes everything you need to monitor your air/fuel ratio right out of the box: Gauge, Silver Bezel, Black Bezel, White Faceplate, Black Faceplate, Bosch Wideband O2 Sensor (LSU4.2), 8 Ft. Sensor Cable (Overall length 10 ft.), Exhaust Bung, Program Cable (Only needed for Datalogging and to change the Fuel Type Setting), Software CD, and Quick Start Guide.
Pricing: $186.00